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The Superwoman Symposium

The Superwoman Symposium 2024 is a 3 Day Conference, with this years theme of Growth, Magic, Freedom & Love. 30 amazing female Experts will spill their wisdom and love concerning the areas of health, wealth, love, sex, abundance, dedication, passion, focus, mindset, purpose work, change, leadership and much more.  From Nutritionists to Self-Love Experts, from Lawyers to Money Experts, from Healers to Relationship Experts - The Superwoman Symposium encompasses all areas of daily life, personal and business growth, as well as energetical and spiritual growth. 

At The Superwoman Symposium we bridge the gap between Science and WooWoo, between business and spirituality, money and soul . . .

If you are ready for the WooWoo, let's get down to business!


Our Vision

2022 was the start of the Superwoman online events where empowerment meets transformation, where science meets WooWoo, where energy meets business and where everything connects.


30 amazing international female speakers from all walks of life are sharing their gift, their wisdom in this one of a kind online Event.

The vision for the future is to bring The Superwoman Symposium to the most amazing places in the world as an in-person event that will exceed what you have experienced before.

Our Vision is to birth a holistic symposium where you find everything necessary for your personal and professional growth, where you learn and expand your horizon, get motivated for unpleasant tasks and experience a community of likeminded, growth oriented, high vibrational people.

We believe that by elevating the frequency of one person, we can shift the frequency of the world.

We are on a mission to inspire and help upgreat 1 Million women.

And in 2022 we started by touching the hearts of 4500 Humans. The feedback was overwhelming,

that's why we are doing it again. The Superwoman Symposium is coming back January 2024!


            Want to be a speaker at TSS 2025?

Join us and we'll get back to you asap.

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