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52 Weeks of Flow

Hello and Welcome to 52 weeks of flow. In this weekly podcast transformational lifestyle and business coach Bea-Marie Aning takes you on a journey to find your flow in all aspects of life, from the peak performance state to finding flow in more difficult situations. She will interview experts, challenge the status quo with new interesting research and will entertain you with her honest, creative and hilarious effort to create everyday flow in her life as an entrepreneur and mother of two. Also she will try to seduce you to go bungee jumping or skydiving in order to experience mental overwrite. 

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Episode 1

What is Flow and where does it come from?

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Episode 2

Lazer Focus

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Episode 3

How to get focused really quick

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Episode 4

Get Involved


Episode 5

What's your Pleasure?

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Episode 6

Energy Flow

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Episode 7

Masculine vs. Feminine Flow

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Episode 8

Meditation | Release & Let GO

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Episode 9

The War within us

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Episode 10

Fear | How to Flow when the world around you is crumbling?

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Episode 11

Creativity Block? | Crack that with some Creative Visualization

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Episode 12

Finding my Flow again - my most personal Episode

#13 - with Maike  52 Weeks of Flow.png

Episode 13

Finding your Flow with Maike Doehling

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Episode 14

Runners High with Hazel Boyed


Episode 15

How Somatics increases your Flow


Episode 16

How to cope with grief and get back into Flow


Episode 17

How to stand out in a world that seemingly has everything

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Episode 18

How herbs support Flow


Episode 19

Unleashing the power of Money Flow: From Scarcity to Abundance


Episode 20

Wings of Friendship: Soaring to new Heights of Flow


Episode 21

Unleash your Flow: The Transformative Power of Aligning with your Values


Episode 22

Intuition Unleashed: Navigating Minefields Blindfolded


Episode 23

Reclaiming the Feminine: Uniting Wisdom and Flow


Episode 24


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