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Trained as an actor at East 15 in London, as a screenwriter in Universität  Babelsberg in Berlin, and as a Dreamcoach in Toulouse, currently undertaking a one year training in Quantum Birthkeeping with Whapio. Formerly named Marion Bott, currently called Marion Marlo, transitioning to her spiritual name soon, her first show Moormaid was nominated top ten best off west end awards in London. She then founded an all women company named Blauhauch and created performances based on hypnosis and dreams.

Now Marion merges the Arts with the Metaphysical, Psychological, Spiritual as well as Physiological processes in service of the feminine, mothers, daughters, sisters all over the world. She loves the power of conscious storytelling, knowing that every story shapes the minds and moves the hearts of people, so why not tell stories that change the world for the better? 


For Infos or sessions email (new website coming soon)

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