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Lisa Altenphol

Somatic Attachment Therapist

Lisa Altenpohl is a Berlin based actress and coach that looks back upon a various number of workshops,seminars and lectures held for women and young girls.


Experiencing several forms of trauma paved her path to healing and supporting other women on their journey.

Her favourite topic to talk about is the nervous system. Getting to know the world and universe of somatics was a game changer both personally and professionally for her.


Lisa is trained and educated in systemic Coaching, NeuroEmbodiedSoulCentering (NESC) a body based approach and also as a somatic attachment therapist.


Involving the body and the nervous system either in 1:1 Coaching sessions or in workshops is the key to sustainable change.


If women want to come to power they need to use everything they have.Their mind, their voice and their body.


Lisa Altenphol
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