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Elina Laivera

Holistic Voice Coach | Certified Voice Specialist

Elina Laivera is a professional music recording artist, sound healer, certified voice specialist and holistic voice coach, a certified meditation coach and trained energy healer, Angelic medium and channeler, writer and spirituality content creator on her YouTube channel Elina’s Alchemy. 


With voice studies at some of the most prestigious institutions such as the National Conservatory in Athens and Berklee College of Music, a career as a singer/songwriter spanning over 15 years in the mainstream and currently as an independent artist and music producer, Elina came to find the energetics of the voice as playing a huge role when it comes to finding one’s true, authentic sound and subsequently commanding reality with it - through means of song and prayer.


Currently writing her book on using the voice and kinesiology through prayer to conjure blessing and speak life over oneself, Elina will be speaking at the Superwoman Symposium, sharing her insights on the voice as a vehicle of expression, co-creation with the Divine and as power tool for manifestation, healing, self-empowerment.


Elina has coached over 1000 people and artists during the last 6 years helping them find their Sacred Tone; in her own academy ‘Elina’s Voice Studio’ in Germany, in cooperation with the German state from 2015 to 2018 assisting war refugees in overcoming trauma through singing and as a workshop leader around Europe. 


Elina’s music career experience blended with her ability as an energy healer brings profound depth into the craft of the voice. Elina offers her intuitive services at, runs a Sound Healing & Voice Toning Circle in Germany and releases her own original music at

Elina Laivera
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