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She is trying to figure out who she is and how many. 
She wants to find out where she fits in after giving birth, after a major life changing incident, trying to make all hats fit and being her own person. 
She feels ashamed for not being “all that” and is stuck in this “Mom-Thing”.

She is ready to upgreat her operating system and discover her superpower. 
She is ready to transform and heal from her past.
She is ready to exchange hustling with flow and to live a life with passion and purpose.

She is ready to create a business and career that actually works for her.
She is ready to find her truth and tap into her full potential.
She is ready to become unfuckwithable and make courageous choices.
She is a woman connected to her calling and her purpose to live a more liberated, connected, successful and love-filled life.

If this is you and you want to get clear about your vision and want to take action towards a new career path or business;
If this is you and you want to unshame yourself;
If this is you and you want to improve your confidence;

If this is you and you want to be an unapologetically you;

If you feel ready to claim your cape and have the life and career you really want, click the button below and schedule your free empowerment-strategy-session.

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It's me, Bea-Marie. I am an Entrepeneur, transformational coach, actress, speaker, mother, animal rights activist and all-over-powerhouse on a mission to help Women find their purpose, rediscover their sensuality, get rid of shame, blame, out of the comparisson game, so they can create a life and career they have always dreamed of.

I believe my main purpose in life is to inspire, bring change and make people smile.

I hope I can make you smile, too!


Bea lives what she teaches. No hollow talk. She is a doer.

Her warm authenticity gave me a sense of security right away, and her bubbly energy has infected me to this day. So her questions could always meet me exactly where it was needed. And her tools then ship me to where I wanted to go. And had to. Thank you for making me feel more beautiful, being gentler with me and still kicking my ass when needed. My relationship has found a harmonious eye level and I am more confident in dealing with my child. I was able to rebuild my business with unexpected ease and miraculously find time for painted toenails ... or enjoy bad hair days. My life is a rich field of play and not a ragged patchwork anymore. Thank you from the heart. I stay tuned.

If anyone asks me what happened to me, I say, "Bea"

"You are mother, wife and 8 others? Then go to her and become 1 with 10 Superwomanpowers. "

Simone Jaeger - Schauspielerin, Synchronsprecherin, Drehbuchautorin, Coach

Consistency is harder if no one is clapping for you - 
I will help you to clap for yourself and also be your personal cheerleader. You got this!