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Sylvia Cohen

Communication Expert

Sylvia will transform the way you communicate

Sylvia studied voice with Patsy Rosenberg and Jeanette Nielson, the former and current Head of Voice at The National Theatre. It became very clear to her that the exact same tools performers develop to engage their audience, are equally as key to people within the business and media worlds.

If an actor cannot successfully engage their audience, they are out of a job. Similarly, if an executive cannot effectively engage with their team, board members, clients or customers – at some stage in their career, they will hit a glass ceiling.

Understanding and tailoring her service to different businesses and professionals has been a fascinating process. An experience which has not only been pleasurable, but also added a greater depth to her work.

Her approach pays specific attention to your individual business needs. She will deliver the tools you need to maximise your potential as a strong and charismatic communicator, as well as providing you with an understanding of the most effective delivery techniques.

Sylvia Cohen
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