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Nela Frieda Schmitz

Cycle Coach

Nela lives with her husband and four kids in Berlin. 

On her path of of learning more and more about the feminine wisdom and power within herself and other woman, she learned a lot about body therapy, meditation and the power of touch.

She is holding women-circles and retreats in the landscape of northern Germany and she works as a Lomi Lomi Massage-Therapist. She learned the practice of Lomi Lomi, a hawaiian wholebody-massage with a long tradition from her teacher Kumu Kahealani from Hawaii. This massage is more than a normal body treatment. When she releases your muscles, your emotions can be moved and released too. Therefor she combines the massage with the practice of Ho´oponopono, a very old and traditional technique for forgiveness. So the softness and power of your own flow can find its way back into your body.

As she use to suffer from cycle-pain herself for a long period of time, she decided to learn more about the menstrual circle and how it can be treated well enough to release all the stress so many women experiencing within it. As she learned more and more about it and discovered a way of circle- awareness using her knowledge of touch, body therapy and feminine wisdom, her pain released and she lives a total new life in tune with her own unique body flow. As this knowledge is so important for so many women who suffer from their menstrual cycle, she coaches woman in discovering their own body rhythm to really find a way to feel connected with their feminine source again. The Cycle is like a unique language the feminine body uses to communicate with. Nela loves to help her clients to understand this language and supports them to find a new way of dealing with this source of body wisdom. So the woman can feel the power which is working through her body in the different phases and qualities of her cycle.



Nela Frieda Schmitz
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