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Marie Magdalena Wolf

Trauma informed Sacred Sexuality and Relationship Coach

Marie Magdalena Wolf is a certified trauma informed Sacred Sexuality and Relationship coach.

Originally from France, she lives with her partner in Colorado, USA. She is also a certified Yoga and Pilates teacher.


Her journey to heal her own sexual trauma and experience better sex in her relationship led her to a life changing spiritual (Kundalini) awakening.


She remembered Sacred Sexuality as her purpose.


Combining her coaching skills, trauma informed education, and knowledge of movement, breathwork and anatomy, she guides women, men and couples back to their orgasmic pleasure, truth and power so that they have deeply fulfilling intimacy and healthy exciting relationships in alignment with their souls. 


She teaches self actualization through sexual healing and sacred sexuality.


She offers online private coaching and group courses, and in-person VIP days, workshops and retreats.


Follow her on FB/IG/ Twitter at Marie Magdalena Wolf.


Join her free FB group HOLY FUCK YES.

Marie Magdalena Wolf
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