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Lydiia Karazina

Tantra Teacher | body-oriented Psychotherapist

Greetings Symposium Participants! 

Let me introduce myself. 

My full name is Lydiia Karazina [spiritual name is Deva Li].

I am a professional body-oriented psychotherapist, teacher of Tantra, healer, and performer of the Mystic Dance.


These areas of activity are closely intertwined for me - they are all about true healing and about the spiritual path.


I help people get real connection with their body and through it to gain health, happiness in relationships, self-realization and true spirituality.


I believe that true spirituality begins with the body.

We are able to hear our Soul through our body - this is the only truth we have. Otherwise, we risk getting lost in the illusions of the mind.


For many years I specialized in working with women - helping them to reveal their true femininity and sexuality. My observations led me to the realization that true femininity is inherent in the body of every woman. Moreover, each woman has a completely unique Femininity. It doesn't need to be learned. It can be revealed through true contact with your body.


In the same way all the secrets of tantra, as well as happy relationships, are also revealed through contact with the body. When we feel and understand ourselves, we are also able to feel and understand our partner. When we are able to be in true intimacy with ourselves and with our partner, the deepest truths about the divine are revealed to us. Then we no longer need books and teachers who tell us about God - we feel Him directly.


My Dance is also about this. With movements I convey directly this divine Sexuality, true femininity and true spirituality. I am the bearer of these truths and show in practice this way of being.


In addition, my dance is a kind of mystical act. Through contact with my body I catch the divine Stream and by movements I broadcast this Stream to the audience.


Actually, everything that I do - whether it's a dance or a psychotherapeutic session, I do from the state of the divine flow. It gives a deep healing effect for people, because healing is a return to the divine state. 


Similarly, every person awakened by his Essence, carries a healing Light through all forms of his manifestation. 

Real self-realization begins with contact with yourself. 


Lydiia Karazina
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