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Lucia von Fürstenberg-Maoz

Birth Trauma Expert | Somatic Coach | Astrologer

Lucia is a business mentor of the new time, birth trauma expert, astrologer and Somatic-Coach who guides humans into their true essence.

She motivates us to look into their own birth experiences, in order to find the hidden messages of our experiences today. There we find the key to our lives. Because healing needs the Truth.

And the Truth leads us to fulfillment. Lucia deepened her own experiences and traumas around birth in her two Birth Trauma Online Summits. These Summits with over 11,000 participants brought about a quantum leap in individual and collective expansion of consciousness.

Lucia shares her knowledge and experience in a unique combination of bodywork, astrology,

trauma research and rebirthing in her online courses and retreats.

She guides people into their deeply hidden spaces of experience, releasing taboos and

transforming shadow themes into light.

Lucia accompanies womens and mens into their radical cosmic rebirth, to work from their very own essence in the service of the new earth.

Lucia von Fürstenberg-Maoz
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