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Jane Chirwa

Actress | Producer | Creator

Jane Chirwa is an actress, producer and creator who focusses on community.

She grew up in Germany, started in her childhood with dance improvisation, then theatre studies. She was acting professionally in international and national movies and tv series. After a while she also focused on her own projects, as a director, producer, dancer, performer and poet.

On her path she felt attracted to „Tamera- a healing biotope“, where she saw healing of the collective trauma, created spaces to really show yourself and co-creating with nature. Her travel to Ghana, where she spent time with other black women in the framing of healing, journaling, being still, support and showing the personal gifts to each other was important for her, too.

Traveling around and meeting different cultures, mentalities and views of the earth extended her horizon. At the moment it´ s a lot about the african continent and traditional lifestyles.

She is a huge fan of sharing circles and believes that we have everything from the other in ourselves.

Jane Chirwa
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