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Fleur Poad

Yoga & Pilates Teacher | Cacao Ceremony Facilitator

Fleur Poad is an Actress, Voice over Artist and Yoga and Pilates teacher. 

From a young age she was always interested in movement, music, dance and singing. Her performance journey was not always an easy one and she suffered from low confidence and an eating disorder. It took many years but through the healing powers of Yoga, body work and Pilates she learned about her negative mind chatter and how to feel comfortable in her body and mind .

Fleur trained Movement Analysis and Performing Arts at LISPA (the London International School of Performing Arts, which has now moved to Berlin ) then began her Yoga journey after visiting one of the many Yoga studios in London. After many years of being a student of many great teachers she decided to take a leap and travel to India where she trained in Ashtanga Vinyasa and Rocket Yoga, continued in London and Uk to train in Yin and Meditation , Pre and Postnatal Yoga and Matt Pilates . She is forever grateful to her Forrest Yoga mentor Sandra Heider and continues to learn more through courses, workshops and trainings. She just completed her Cacao ceremony facilitator training with Carlos Mundalah and Michelle Mayoora and is currently in training for Sound healing with Anne Malone .

Fleur Poad
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