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Fatou Pruit

Energy Master Healer

Fatou is an Energy Master Healer and a forever student. She is also ascended alchemist, seer activator, quantum shifter and time bender.


Born in Southern Africa she has had the opportunity to see all aspects of life can offer and has learned under the wings of some of the best Healers and Mentors in the Northern Hemisphere to alternate her timeline, channel from her heart and pull her wisdom directly from the Quantum field.


In her 3D world, she enjoys sparkles, travelling, books and a glass of good champagne with friends. But truly what makes her heart sing is connecting to mother Gaia and Spirits from different dimensions and realms.


Fatou has been blessed with the knowledge of Masters who have shared with her the magic from their ancestors. They shared their path to find freedom peace, joy, and love so they can exist in this 3-D reality.


She now has a mission to empower you so you can, in turn, find your own energetic Blueprint to be on your journey of Spiritual Growth and healing. Fatou’s personal challenge to activate a Billion Souls before she leaves this dimension.


Fatou Pruit
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