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Dana Poul-Graf

Founder &CEO of Key & Spark

Dana is a transformational leader, strategic thought partner, cross-disciplinary mentor, and coach. She has sharpened her skills and passion during her tenure as the Head of Global Communications and divisional board member in a fortune 500 logistics company. Dana supports global leaders in discovering their authentic path to engage

their teams, establish great cultures and live their strategy.

Dana's clients report new-found clarity, confidence, and fulfillment in what they do, positively impacting all life's dimensions.

Dana is the founder and CEO of Key&Spark, a boutique company serving leaders, teams, and companies to find purpose beyond profit, communicate that purpose, and act in alignment with it. Their work's results bring lasting engagement levels, higher productivity,

and, ultimately, thriving environments.

"One small spark can ignite a fire. The most important thing is to find the right key to triggering the inner spark that can ignite a fire of possibilities and positive change within you and your communities."

Dana was born in Slovakia and has worked across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. These global citizen's experiences and her ability to immerse herself in different cultures add yet another facet to the perspectives she brings.

Dana is also a co-founder of the Institute of Internal Communications, with her latest work focusing on the impact of the pandemic on women in business. Dana drives a pro bono initiative, "The Fear Project," to deliver practical strategies for tackling your fears and morphing them into a driving force.

Dana certified herself as a 10x coach in 2022 to help her clients find the balance between work, home, and health; as a Certified Business Coach in 2021; in Deeper Discovery in 2019; in Insights Discovery in 2016; and Specific training for coaches in 2009.

Dana Poul-Graf
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