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What is Reiki?

Reiki is essentially a beautiful form of energy healing.

Often pronounced as "ray-key" in the West, Reiki is comprised of two Japanese words: Rei - meaning Universal and Ki - meaning Life Force Energy.

To explain this properly, let's go back a few steps. Energy is at the core of everybody and everything - it's essential, unifying element for the universe. 

The scientific community has proven and officially recognized that a "field" of energy exists everwhere and surrounds us all the time. You might have seen it reffered to as "The Energy Field" or "The Field" in other publications; but what is more exiting then the scientific recognition is the fact that this web of energy not only affects us and surrounds us, but it is us.

With this knowledge in hand, we now know everything must be

energetically connected to everything else, at some degree, including

you and me.

When you think about it, that's pretty major stuff, never the less we often

talk about energy without much notice: "Wow, today you have a lot of

energy!" or perhaps "I'm tired, I have no energy!" Or have you ever

noticed when you are around a really "up-beat" person, you get a bit of

a "pick me up" just being near them? Or when someone's energy is really

low or negative, it makes you feel bummed out?

So if we are intrinsically part of the universal energy, why are we one day

up and down the next?

It's because when we focus on negative aspects of our life, we can constrict

our ability to connect with our universa source.

For example, when you are in a stressful situation - your breathing can

become shallow because your focus is so intense - you end up restricting the very thing you need to survive. But when you start to feel uneasy from lack of oxygen, your focus goes back to breathing; therefor, permitting the flow of air to become strong again.

So, like the breathing example above, when we focus on connecting, we open up to our source. Wouldn't it be beneficial to learn how to focus on allowing universal energy to flow through us again, so we can achieve optimum health and happiness, as well as help others, too? YES, PLEASE!

                                    So what exactly is Reiki?

It's a non-invasive healing technique whereby a Reiki Practicioner channels the glorious life force energy through them then to focus on you, an animal or even an object.

This universal energy is not chaotic and arbitrary; it's intelligent, so once you channel it - it will go to your intended and do what's necessary for your healing or greatest good.


Reiki can be done with or without physical touch in order to stimulate your own natural ability to heal. That being said Reiki can be given as a distant healing attunement via phone or skype.


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Certified Natural Healer Reiki
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