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Natascha Berg

IAKP Kambo Master Practitioner and Teacher

Natascha, originally from Spain and Germany grew up in between those two countries, went to medical school at the University of Heidelberg and was well on her way of becoming a doctor, when she had to interrupt her childhood dream of becoming a pediatrician due to being elected Miss Germany.

Her life took another turn as she became a TV-host, news-anchor for the national news, emcee for gala events around the world and later Hollywood actress.At the height of her career in Germany, she decided it wasn’t enough for her to interview all those Hollywood actors or have them as guests in her show. She felt called to play alongside them, so she left her life in Europe behind and started from scratch in Los Angeles as an actress and LA correspondent for the German news and managed to have roles in multiple movies, her personal highlight being, playing Antonio Banderas’s wife in the Steven Soderbergh movie Haywire.

Due to a heartbreak with her partner in real life and rock bottom moment of her life years later she found Kambo, the magical frog secretion from the Amazon that has been used by the indigenous tribes for millennia as a detox for body, mind and spirit.

It was so profound for her, pulling her out of depression, anxiety, insomnia, trust issues, back pain and more that she decided to dedicate her life to the frog. She now lives a life in ceremony and instead of wearing evening gowns and going to award ceremonies, she offers Kambo ceremonies, has held over 1000 in 8 countries and supports people in transforming their lives in multiple ways.She is considered a Master Practitioner and teacher and can certify people for the IAKP. She uses the knowledge of several traditions in her work, using Indigenous methods, Meridians, Chakras, Marma Points, and Auricular forms of Kambo and is certified in ear acupuncture. In many cases she can help her clients detect where the energy blockages are located and guides them towards releasing those.

Her circles are held in a sacred space, nurturing and sensitive to individual needs and include songs, drums and rattles and supportive shamanic practices.  

She has visited several tribes in the jungles of Peru, Colombia and Brazil, has a deep connection to the Yawanawa tribe in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon, participated in multiple sacred plant and Kambo dietas, learned to imitate the frog’s mating call from the Katukina tribe and has studied different healing practices from all over the world, learning from the shamans honoring the ancient wisdom.

She is also a Subconscious Mind, Success and Inner Child coach, specialized in finding which limiting beliefs or thoughts are causing stress in the body, identifying

success blockers, locating where in the body her clients hold suppressed emotions and trauma, guiding them towards relaxing into and releasing it, meeting their inner child in the moment the limiting belief got installed, giving the child all the support it needed in the moment, walking it out of that memory and making a powerful decision for the empowered New Self. Then the vision work and conscious creation of a new future starts in the present moment.

She believes that everyone is their own medicine and has the power to heal themselves.

Natascha Berg
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