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Linda Conyard


Linda Conyard is one of Australia's leading pioneers advocating for socio-political trauma-sensitive change and informed responsiveness to UNnecessary trauma in the Health, Education, Justice, Government, and Private sectors. She recognises the transgenerational effect collective trauma has on our current society and is at the leading edge of healing and transformation in this field.

Linda’s daughter's trauma at the very young age of 6 months was from a diagnosis of a rare childhood cancer that affects the retina in the eye (she survived and was left blind by 3) and the unfolding and recognition of her own significant and long term childhood trauma from living in hidden domestic violence led her to her studies and subsequently her own trauma recovery. She became the therapist she wished she could have found. She is determined to change the trajectory of trauma on a collective, cultural, community, family, and individual level.


Linda Conyard
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