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On a Personal Note

When I was 12, I had just finished my audition for a ballet boarding school in London. I loved dancing, I breathed dancing. I remember feeling really confident since I aced the exam prior to this. 
The examiner comes out of the room and says: ”Starting from the bottom: Your feet are too thin, your toes are too long, your knees are inward, your hips are not symmetrical and your overall height will be too tall, so you will be too heavy to be a principle dancer. So thank you for trying, but you are no ballet material!”

My life’s dream was crumbling before my eyes.
A day later I hurt my knee during ballet lesson and couldn’t dance for 10 months. I was devastated and all I could remember is “you are too heavy, too big”.
So I started to look for ways to loose weight, since I couldn’t dance, I started to gain weight. One day my high school opened a Drama Club – it is a stage, so maybe any stage will do – and it did. That day, Acting saved me. So I put all my energy into acting, working in local theaters, applying to acting schools, getting rejected, taking acting lessons, landing my first TV-Job, getting into acting school, finding an agent, working acting jobs in theaters, landing commercials and  TV roles, travelling and working in different countries, taking more acting lessons to work on my craft, start directing plays and short films, managing a successful theater company and organizing theatrical Event through an Event Company I worked for.  However, I felt empty and began to burn out.

I founded my first business, when I was 19. Back then I was working in catering and soon the caterers came up to me and asked me to send them "excellent, reliable staff,  like you". Soon I had a small staffing business.

But acting wouldn't leave my side.

In order to satisfy my curiosity about human behavior and human origins, I studied theology and Mesoamerican studies at the University of Hamburg, before I started my acting training.

After my training was complete I sought out more coaches to refine my craft.

I remember when I was 27, I was sitting in acting class and the teacher walked around asking

“What is your purpose?”

I always felt that I had gifts - I wanted to make a contribution - and that I wanted to make an impact in this world, that I wanted to serve. But how? I had no idea, although I had a lot of training and I had a lot of expertise. I was totally lost.
When it was my turn to answer, my hands were sweating, I jumped:

“I am here to inspire people and help them change their lives to the better!”
I could have dropped the mic and left, but it wasn’t until I worked with a much older actress that I realized what I had said at 27.
“You are really good at this. You gave me a whole new perspective to think about. Thank you.” I got off the phone, wondering what she meant by saying “good at this”. Then my coach broke it down for me. Being able to see the whole picture, encouraging and empowering others is a gift and it is certainly my gift. I immediately became my coaches apprentice and after 1 year I started also studying with Mike Dooley to become a Infinite Possibility Trainer. I learned all there was to know about Meditation and the Science of Happiness and have worked with incredibly inspiring Coaches like Dr. Shefali, Marie Forleo, Ajit Nawalkha, Claire Zammit, PH.D & Evelyne Brink.

On my path to self-discovery I threw away lots of shackles: I freed myself from giving a damn about other people’s expectations. I fought the sickness of “Neverenoughness”, I overcame an eating disorder, I have created freedom in my life, turned hustling into flow and helped many Women do the same, to find their purpose, uncover their Superpower and to find their passion. I also overcame the BS that as a Mother I will have to decide weather I wanted to be a good mother, having a beautiful family, playing a major part in my kids life or have a fulfilling career  and travel the world.

As a certified Reiki Master, Energy Master Healer, IP-Trainer and Life & Business CoachConsultant , I have created a family and lifestyle friendly business, that helps me live my passion serving Women to do the same. That's why

I created The Superwoman Discovery to help you tap into your greatness and create the life and career you always wanted and is beyond your wildest dreams. You deserve Happiness and have the right to shine your Greatness in your life, your career, your motherhood, your feminine power.

It is such an exciting journey and I am happy to assist you along the way.

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