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The Superwoman Discovery

Put on Your Cape, let's elevate!

You will grow

8 Video Lessons that will challenge how you perceive the world, question your believe systems and help you get rid of shame blame and out of the comparison game so you can elevate your life and business beyond what you thought possible.

                        EARLY BIRD

If you sign up BEFORE Jan.14th 2023 you will get a free Heart opening Meditation, to really prepare you for this journey and set yourself up for success.

Your Early Bird investment in yourself  499 €  instead of 994 €

All participants have the chance to win a 1:1 Coaching Session with me.

In 8 weeks we will take you through 7 different Modules in which you will discover your "roadblocks", rewire your brain so you can figure out who you are and what you really want, so your life and career takes off like you deserve.

Facebook Live once a week, t answer any of your questions

You will discover your Superpower and  implement the steps to stay on track of your superpowered path!


From Superwoman Syndrome to real Superpowers

We are all wired to do, to hustle, to grind and are trying so hard to be perfect and do it all, that we sometimes go beyond breaking point. Being a Superwoman does not mean you are perfect - far from it actually. If you have ever watched a Superhero movie, there is a struggle. The hero has no idea who they really are, they are not aware of their powers. They feel different, are ostracized most of the time and have not found "their place" yet. And that is what happens to most of us. We are trying so desperately to fit in, that we sacrifice our authentic self, our souls purpose. We get frustrated, angry and depressed, although it might seem that you have it all. But there is an emptiness that you can't explain. 

So my question for you is: if a Superhero is not aware of their powers, is it still a Superhero? 

Just because you are not aware of your superpowers right now, does not make you less of a Superwoman.

It is your birthright! And that's why I am here: To help you remember that and claim what is yours.


Uplevel with other amazing Souls

You can join the Facebook Group, where you will meet likeminded powerful Souls. You can share your experiences and exchange with other participants. You can find support and an Accountability partner. Going alone is cool, but walking together makes you much more likely to succeed. You will also receive bonusses and updates through the Facebook group and via email.

Once a week I will be going live in the Facebook Group and answer any questions that came up and provide you with valuable exclusive impulses.

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Congratulations for taking a step closer to claiming your Superpowers

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